Pastor Sandra Brown



Pastor Sandra Brown is Senior Pastor and founder of Triumphant Faith International Worship Center with her husband Pastor J Dykeman Brown with 13 years of service.
She was called to preach the gospel at 19 years of age.  Pastor Brown comes from a generation of ministers with a rich heritage of Pentecostal Faith with clergy on both sides of her family. At the young age of 8, she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 
Pastor Sandra Brown came up under her grandfather the late Bishop Nathaniel Llyord and her grandmother Evangelist Christine Llyord who taught her the importance of Worship and Leadership. At age four her favorite instrument was the tambourine which she still enjoys. 

Later her father the late Rev. John Brown pastored the, "New Macedonia Baptist Church" where her roots became rich in the hymns that she still sings today. 

In 1976 she joined and sat under the Late Rev Dr. Benjamin Smith Sr. of Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Philadelphia from 1976 until his home going in 2002. She received her licensed as an Evangelist in 1984 from Deliverance Evangelistic Church. In 1993 she was ordained with Pastoral credentials by Rev. Dr. Benjamin Smith Sr. She was appointed as Director of Pastoral Counseling and Ministerial Board and served on many other ministries.

After leaving in 2002 to full time ministry, Pastor Brown appointed a successor. She was appointed Mountain Coordinator and Prayer & Worship Leader for Rev Dr. Benjamin Smith in 1993.  Even until today Pastor Brown leads an unfolding anointed worship with her own church Triumphant Faith International Worship Center at the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat where they have experienced many healings, deliverance, and the fresh outpouring of God's spirit.

Pastor Sandra Brown and Pastor J. Dykeman Brown grew up together from age 10. In 1979 they married. In year 2000 the Lord led Pastor Sandra Brown to leave her job to full time ministry where she started with her husband
“Triumphant Faith Radio Broad Cast" at WHAT AM radio then later they moved to WTMR for eight (8) years. In 2002 Triumphant Faith Int'l Worship Center was birthed.

Her college education and studies has come from Temple University and LaSalle University with her interest in Psychology. She is a licensed and Certified Cosmetologist which lead her to receive her Certification as a Nurse. She also has a Certification in Alcoholic and Drugs and many specialized trainings in Adult and Child Behavior. She was on the Board of Directors at Cedar Grove Christian High School from 1986 through 1991. She has had the wonderful opportunity to serve on other boards. She is a graduate of Deliverance Bible Institute and graduated with honors from their Accelerated Program. She also studied Biblical Studies at Liberty University. She is now pursuing a Doctoral Degree Program.

Pastor Brown has 71 specialized ministries at the TFIWC. In the last 5 years she dedicated and directed the Zamar International School of Dance as President and Founder with the vision of "The Gospel Through Dance”.
This year in 2015 she launched the "Prayer Tower Ministries" with the vision of taking prayer around the world.
She has lead, Pastors Leadership Conferences, Women's Conferences, Prayer and Prophetic Conference, Revivals, Marriage Conferences, Specialized Workshops, and Seminars.

She has a great love for Foreign Missions which took them to Africa, Haiti and other travels. She has a great passion for Evangelical Outreach to win the lost to Christ Jesus...Matthew 28:20.

She has been a Mentor and Counselor for over 35 years. Pastor Brown has an Intercession and Worship Ministry which invites and ushers in intimate fellowship and communion with The Lord. These prayer sessions have allowed her to see souls saved, healings, deliverances and miracles.

Pastor Brown is a talented and anointed singer. Her passion for worship and music has led them to compose songs, which allowed them to record two (2) music CD's.

She has written a Devotional Book for families with the” Women In The Word Ministry” at her church. It’s titled, “Family, Faith, Focus, Fruit”.

Pastor Sandra and Pastor J have one daughter, Shante', son-in-law Jermaine, and grandson Shiloh. But her greatest desire is to be known as a Servant-Leader that love's The Lord with Worship and Intercessory Prayer.

Pastor S Brown
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