Zamar Internat'l School of Dance

The mission of Zamar Internat'l School of Dance is to provide  students with the tools needed to effectively communicate the gospel through the arts; including dance, drama, music and worship tools such as flags. tambourines and streamers. We endeavor to take this creative worship global to fulfill the great commission. 

Matthew 28: 19-20

TFIWC School of Biblical Studie

Our mission is to equip, teach, train and empower believers to impact mankind with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to have a teaching institution that is structured for laity without respect of persons; to have a non-denominational venue for all regardless of denominational affiliation.

 Internat'l Partners Ministry 

Supports and is the force that keeps "Internat'l Campaign4Change" alive. Its main objective is to build up the church and to maintain a partners system through those who sow into various projects, along with partnerships through networking with other churches and organizations.  Its team meet as need to fulfill the demands of the church.

 Children's Church

To teach and equip children with foundations of scripture through teaching and interactive lessons. Children’s Church caters to children 3-10yrs.

 Women in the Word

To equip every woman, globally with God’s word, to take dominion over every area of her life. To have every woman answer the call to leadership in a balanced and purposeful way, stated in the beginning of Genesis 1:26; to enlighten her in Christ Jesus, she can do all things.

Street Evangelism (Outreach)

Lamp Lighter Ministry: Latter Evening outreach. We walk the streets of our community sharing the Gospel of Christ with those in our path. Meeting on Friday & Saturday, 9pm prayer; 10pm-midnight outreach. 

Street Evangelism is the tool God uses to effectively and orderly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to offer salvation to all we encounter in the community. Sometimes we preach with a bullhorn, or go door to door into business area to share the Gospel. The priority of prayer is absolute for all who are interested.  The ministry is open to all who have experienced a genuine conversion and have the conviction to share it.  Meeting times are every 2nd and 4th Saturday.  There is prayer at 10am and outreach begin 12 noon.  Come out as we hit the streets to take souls back from the enemy.  



*Foreign (Adult&Youth)

To help lead the church in fulfilling the mandate of the great commission according to Matthew 28:18-20. We’re to make disciples for Jesus Christ by getting the Gospel out locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, even to the ends of the earth in obedience to Acts 1:8m crossing cultural, geographical and language barriers to do so.

Internat'l Intercessory Prayer

Membership information: The Pastors appoint intercessors similarly as they would appoint ministers, deacons, mothers, etc..however, all members of TFIWC are strongly encouraged to attend intercessory prayer services.  Meeting times: Every Thursday at 7pm.

Intercessors are called to pray what is in the heart of God. In addition to praying for spiritual growth within the local church and the body of Christ, we intercede for the needs of and guidance for our nation, leaders, families, marriages and relationships.

Food Distribution Ministry

The distribution team is responsible for picking up, storing and keeping inventory of food items. The administrative team concentrates on public relations and paperwork to ensure the ministry runs smoothly.  Community food distribution is held every Wednesday and the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am-12noon. Free  clothing from the TFIWC Blessing Shop Ministry is also available during food distribution hours.