Triumphant Faith Ministries Inc. was established in November of 2000. Pastor J. Dykeman Brown and Pastor Sandra Brown began their journey to fulfill their purposes, to do what God had ordained for them to do on the earth, to globally affect men and women, boys and girls. They began to look for a building that would provide living quarters for teenaged females that were to become mothers, and provide a chapel area that would be used for neighborhood bible study and prayer meetings. Also, at that time they began a Radio Broadcast Ministry on WHAT 1340 AM and then moved on to WTMR 800 AM. During these segments of air time, the pastors would teach the listeners how to live according to The Bible, God's Holy Word. They would encourage them to apply God's instructions to everyday situations, using practical examples. As they continued looking for a building, they taught the Principles of God at various conferences and weekend retreats. They also conducted seminars and workshops. The seminars included as follows: Marriage Enrichment, Singles and Dating, Women's Ministries, Financial Empowerment for Mature Adults, Young Adults and Youth, Servant Leadership Training, Family Unity and Pastoral Counseling (in areas of Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse, Abused Children, Pre-Marital, Marital, Ex-Offenders, High Risk Adults and Children). In April, of 2002, The Lord provided the building they had been looking for. The building, which was a church building, had everything needed to begin to fulfill their vision. It had two large apartments attached to the sanctuary, which could be used for the teenage females who were expecting children or already had children. On April 28th, 2002, Triumphant Faith International Worship Center was established with twenty-seven members. On May 5th, the first Worship Service and Children’s Church was held. As of June 13th, 2002 there were one hundred and twenty five members. Presently, we have approximately four hundred members